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Breaking up is hard to do but fully getting rid of everything that reminds you of your ex seems to be harder. If you have had a terrible breakup and don’t have anyone or anywhere to go to, luckily there are a handful of apps that can help you get through it easily and quickly.

Let’s check out some of the latest apps designed to help you fight the breakup blues or already reel over one.

1. Killswitch

Launched on Valentine’s day of this year, the Killswitch app is available for $1. The app deletes all traces of your ex on your Facebook page, from pictures and videos to walls posts and status updates. However, it still stores them in a special album on your Facebook in case you get back together or can stand to look at your ex again. Even more interesting, a portion of the proceeds will go to the American Heart Association, so “broken hearts can help cure broken hearts.”

2. Eternal Sunshine

Available for free, the Eternal Sunshine app is a great accompaniment to the Killswitch app, which can’t yet block your ex from the News Feed entirely. This extension will completely remove your ex from all aspects of your Facebook experience, including stream updates, profile updates, profile photo updates, photo page photo albums, sidebar suggested photo albums, chat list, frequent friends on chat list and user profile friends list. However, the Eternal Sunshine app only supports Chrome browsers because it is a Chrome plugin.

3. Never Liked it Anyway

Never Liked it Anyway is a marketplace for the brokenhearted where you can sell your ex-lover’s gifts that are too valuable to burn but too contemptible to keep around. Apart from selling your ex’s belongings for a little extra cash to begin your fresh start, you can buy the remnants of other relationships such as engagement rings, jewelry and wedding dresses on the cheap on this eBay-like site. That’s a win-win.

4. Ex Lover Blocker

The Ex Lover Blocker app uses fear and peer pressure to keep you from reaching out to your ex. It alerts your friends after every text and phone call sent to your former flame so that they will intervene. If you try to work around the app to keep your communication open with the ex, it will publicly shame by posting a Facebook status update telling your friends about your pathetic willpower.


Along with Never Liked it Anyway, is another great website to get you through your breakup. Based on the principle that memories are less accurate than emails, the site allows you to send emails to your future self privately and anonymously. It works like a simple webmail service, but lets you specify the date when the message will arrive.

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